Intrusion Systems

For many years intrusion detection systems called "Monitored Alarm System", have been monitored by central stations, which detected unauthorized entry into secured areas. These systems are often integrated with Access Control and CCTV systems to coordinate effective response and gather important information for apprehension and prosecution.

Today's traditional intrusion detection systems are complemented with "Video Alarm Veri­fication Technology". These are systems that have a primary intent of providing video only or video and audio to the traditional central station which can make a 'Verified Response" to an intrusion event.

Verification Technology uses cutting edge technology to verify events. Events can be detected by Motion Viewer with camera/PIR detection technology. These devices send an alarm and video clip of an event to operators at a central station for review and dispatch.

IP cameras with sophisticated video analytics analyze events in real time. Advanced analytics detect threats and provide alarms and video to operators at central station locations. In addition to alarms the Avigilon IP solution allows operators at a central station to have an interactive activity session with a remote location. Operators can retrieve video clips, and provide verbal warning during an alarm event.

Nationwide Video Verification is being accepted as a new standard for Priority Response from police.

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